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News: Swim Fees Increase for September 2016

Swim Fees Increase for September 2016

Tuesday 11 October, 2016, by Sarah-Louise Green

Dear Swimmers, Parents & Carers,

Please find details of the swimming fees for next season listed below. Standing orders must be changed during August so that the correct payment is received in September.

We have a growing membership, which looks set to continue to be healthy for the foreseeable future. However, the club continues to face increases in our outgoing costs. Pool hire is set to increase by over 5% in September and is likely to increase further when the new leisure centre operator takes over in November. Our coaches, who are currently only paid for the hours they spend coaching on poolside, have not had any increase in their hourly rates for several years and we need to address this. The committee must also consider paying for at least some of the many hours of work done by them on administrative tasks and attending galas. This is all done voluntarily at present, but it is proving difficult to sustain.

Monthly Swim Fees:

1 session per week  = £17.50 per month
2 sessions per week  = £31.00 per month
3 sessions per week = £39.00 per month
4 sessions per week = £47.00 per month
5 sessions or more  = £55.00 per month

Our bank details are:

[Redacted. Contact Suzanne if you don't have the orginal letter which does include the details]

Should you miss the deadline to change your standing order for the September payment, please pay the increase by cash or cheque in the Quayside safe box or by BACS to the account above using your normal reference or the swimmer’s name.

Annual Club Membership:

The annual membership of £12 per person remains unchanged and will be collected in January 2017. It is the club’s policy that all swimmers under the age of 18 have at least one parent member.

Annual ASA Insurance:

These compulsory insurance fees are collected by the club and passed on directly to the ASA. Members will be notified once the ASA has set their new season rates and the fees will be collected in January 2017.

As all management of the club is undertaken by a small group of volunteers, we would appreciate your prompt attention to the changes required above. Whilst the majority of our 140+ members are diligent in ensuring payments are accurate and up-to-date, follow-up emails and telephone calls, when required, can be frustrating and time-consuming.

If you have any queries concerning the above please email me and I will endeavour to respond by the end of this month.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne Gautier
Club Treasurer