Kingsbridge Kingfishers

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child is ill and can't compete. Who should I tell?

Ideally, the coach attending the event will need to know. In the first instance, email the head coach and they'll pass a message on. Also, if you have a friend competing at the same meet, ask them to pass a message on when they get there.

My child has been told they are doing “Time trials” what does this mean?

Once or twice a year, we run time trials for bronze, silver and gold squads. These are run in the normal Thursday evening training sessions, but your child may be needed for longer than normal, eg. from 6pm to 8pm.

The purpose of time trials is to get every child in the club to swim all races (in race conditions) and record a proper time for that event. The times can be used as a measure of improvement and can also be used to help decide which children move up through the lanes. At the annual club champs, the times can also be used to place your child in the right swim heat – we try to put swimmers of similar abilities against one another in each heat so that each race is as evenly matched as possible.

The sessions are relaxed, quite informal and a good chance for everyone to try out race conditions, especially the new swimmers who may never have done that before.

Do you do Swimming Lessons?

No. We're an independent competitive swimming club. Swimming Lessons in Kingsbridge are offered directly by Quayside Leisure Centre - contact them for details.