Kingsbridge Kingfishers

Swimming Club

2019 AGM

Thu 12 Nov 2020

Location: Quayside Leisure Centre, 5:30pm

The AGM is always an important meeting for the Club but even more so this year with many topics to be discussed to regarding the year ahead.

Over the last 12 months the Club has gained many new members and the AGM is a great way to come and meet the Committee and other parents / guardians of swimmers. It is a very low key friendly meeting and an ideal opportunity to ask any questions you may have but not going round to asking.

The Committee is in a period of transition at present with four long standing committee members standing down after having given their time to the continued success of the Club over a number of years.

So we are looking to fill these positions quickly if possible. It is not a huge commitment to time with just one meeting a month.

There are within the Committee four roles that we need to fill and they are:

  • Chair Person
  • Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Kit Secretary

You do not need any training or experience for any of the roles or to just be a committee member. We just need enthusiastic parents/ guardians who can help the Club with good ideas and willingness to help where required.

If two people would like to take one role between them that would be fine.

It is essential for the forthcoming year that we do get some new committee members and I am really hoping that a few people will want to volunteer and help the Club continue its 21 year tradition of bringing competitive swimming to Kingsbridge.

Thank you!