Kingsbridge Kingfishers

Swimming Club

2017 British School Biathlon Championships

Monday 19 February, 2018

On the 25th March 2017, four Kingsbridge Kingfishers swimmers represented their school Kingsbridge Community College at the British School Biathlon championships which was held at Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium.

All swimmers qualified for this event after achieving the necessary qualifying points last September. Samuel Stewart also qualified at this time for the British National biathlon and competed in Solihull in November.

A 50m or 100m swim, and an 800m or 1600m run (depending on age group), are scored according to target times, in the same way as a modern pentathlon and the results were as follows:

  • Alexander Bly scored 1866 points and came 42nd (under 15 boys);
  • Isla McCol scored 2044 points and came 57th (under 13 girls);
  • Rosie Timmis scored  2044 points and came 60th (under 12 girls); and
  • Samuel Stewart scored 2325 points and came 16th (under 14 boys).

You are all in the top 100 biathletes in Great Britain in your age category - a MASSIVE well done from Kingsbridge Kingfishers!