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KKSC Club News October 2022

Saturday 25 March, 2023

Club Championships

For the first time in three years we will be holding our Club Championships this November!  They will take place on Tuesday 22nd November 6pm to 8pm, Thursday 24th November 6pm to 8pm, Friday 25th November 6.30pm to 8pm and Saturday 27th November 4pm to 8pm.  The events are currently being finalised and more information will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.  We have invited Dartmouth Swimming Club to take part in this combined competition since we have by far the better venue!  This is a compulsory competition for all swimming members of the club – you don’t have to swim all events, but the more you do the more points you score  and the more likely you are to win your age group trophy!  It takes a lots of effort and support to run a Club Championships so we will be collating a list of those willing to help in any capacity – please contact me if you are willing/able to help.  We will be attempting to use our electronic timing system and Martin Gautier our expert from back in the day has volunteered to train a couple of people up to run it – if you think you are one of those people (no previous experience needed but the ability to be unflappable would be useful!) please contact me.


New Coaches

We have two new coaches on the poolside and both are starting to work towards their Level 1 Coaches qualification.  They are Will Rawlinson and Conor Morgan - they both competed for the club in the past to regional level and are both school teachers.  Conor competed until he moved to Australia, but Will has continued to compete including racing at the Masters World Championships. They are very keen and happy to be involved in the club and are also looking forward to taking teams of swimmers to competitions in the future.


Swimming Hats

Please, please can all swimmers with long hair wear a swimming hat to training sessions.  Long hair gets in the way of googles, easily tangles and hair clogs up the pool filtration system.  KKSC hats are sold at the swimming club desk each Thursday.  It will be compulsory to wear hats for training and competitions after half term.



Thank you to all those who took part in the Swimarathon on 14th October.  It was lovely to see such a great team spirt, and it was an amazing achievement that Kingfishers swam the most lengths of the day! Now for the boring part please could you all return your sponsor forms and money to Sarah Lansdale as soon as possible so that she can hand them into the rotary club.  Sarah is always at the leisure centre on a Tuesday and a Thursday night.


Outside Competitions

I know there are a number of you who are keen to race in competitions outside the club.  This year there are a few more competitions available at various levels and we will be targeting some of them.  The first one we are targeting is the Plymouth Leander Open Meet on December 3rd, 4th and 11th at Plymouth Life Centre.  More details will be sent out when they are available.  This will be an ideal meet to gain County qualifying times for the Devon County Championships early next year.  Dates of the County Championships are yet to be confirmed but the qualifying times are up on the KKSC noticeboard.


Extra Sessions

Extra sessions are available for swimmers keen to improve their swimming.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Over the coming months we will be looking at the feasibility of adding more sessions to those available at the moment if there is enough interest.


Team Managers/Timekeepers

We are always in need to more parents/helpers to train as time keepers or team managers.  Training can be done online apart from the timekeepers practical sessions.  Please contact me or Adam Stewart if interested.



The website is currently being updated and will be updated more regularly in future so please check back for news and updates at


Member Numbers

You will have noticed that the sessions are starting to become more popular and we have a large number of new swimmers in the club.  This is great news – it will be really good to increase the numbers further to become a busy and thriving club once again!  If you know of anyone who may want to join the club please give them my contact details.


Competing for and training with other clubs

While KKSC is building back up again, we fully recognise that there are some of you who would like to access more pool time for training and to enter competitions which KKSC are not targeting.  We support any swimmers who want to join another club with a view to increasing training and racing time, but please could you let me know if you are considering this.



Karen Dorey

Head Coach